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Hola! I’ve been on holiday at Disneyland Resort Paris since the 3rd, and so I couldn’t post. Over the next week or so i’ll post a lot about my holiday on my about page.While I was away, 3 new things came out.

A new newspaper, primarily about the St. Patrick’s Day Party, Creating your own ad for the new books and the new stage production. By the way, the new one will be the old one, but i’m not saying which!

Finally, there are two catalogs, with several new items. There are two new wigs, and they are awesome! There are also a few new outfits in the catalog, and because of the catalog I have a new signature look! Here it is…….

My new look

As you can tell, the Blue Sunglasses are back! The red ones are too, along with the Fedora Hat!On my PC, i’ve deleted all my pics, because i’ve just downloaded MS Word, Powerpoint, Excel and Onenote 2007, and my PC was slow

Stay Ice Cool


~gymnasticman edit

guys i wont be posting much so im DEPENDING on the editors to work on the site and i will mainly be posting on



Im done

Not Club Penguin, not Runescape, not the Rbs or Cp armies.Wordpress.

These are the following sites that I will still use:

The sites I will still update that I dont own:

Sorry Ray but you can remove me casue I wont be updating your site an more.

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hey ppl just wanted to tell u my info on cp

im mostly on mammoth roaming around most likely to be in the dojo town or mountain (u can tell by looking in the member igloo mines always open) and if u wanna be my buddie just come up to me and say hey man and ill add u ohh yea and dont forget to download the latest wacky pack

am i famous to u?

do u think im famouse well if u do i will thnx u and try harder on my website/blog how do u tell me u can e-mail me saying u do or not ( e-nmail ) or IM me (same account name as e-mail no tho) or say it in a commet

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